Quality eye care for the whole family in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.

Our optical gallery offers a large selection of quality eyewear, from a variety of name brand frames to the latest technology in spectacle lens design...


Spectacle lenses

-high index plastic for thinner, lighter lenses

-polycarbonate lenses for impact resistance for all children and adults requiring safety eyewear

-multifocal lenses including lined bifocals, lined trifocals, and many designs of progressive addition lenses (no line multifocal lenses)

-Transitions lenses that are clear indoors but darken in UV light


We have a large selection of frames for men, women, and children including everything from designer frames to more classic, traditional frames.  Materials include strong and lightweight plastics and metal alloys such as titanium. 

Sports/Protective Eyewear

We offer sports and safety frames and lenses for sports, work, swimming, and skiing as well as a selection of quality sunglasses.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses materials have made many advances in recent years making them a good options for vision correction for many patients.  We have experience in fitting a variety of contact lens designs including

-Gas permeable lenses (RGPís)

-soft, disposable lenses in monthly, two week, and daily replacement modalities

-mutifocal contact lenses for patientís requiring distance and near vision correction

-toric lenses for astigmatism

-fashion color lenses